Baydon, the highest populated village in Wiltshire (760 feet above sea level) is found on the course of Ermin Way, a Roman Road between Corinium Dobunnorum (Cirencester) and Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester).  The earliest reference to Baydon as a place name is in 1196.

With a total population of around 560, including those from outlying farms Baydon is made up of approximately 275 households.

Close to Ridgeway National Trail which starts in Overton Hill near East Kennett, south of Swindon, and ends at Ivinghoe Beacon near Tring, Baydon and the Red Lion is a perfect resting place for walkers following this ancient chalk ridge route (87 miles) used by prehistoric man.
Sir Isaac Newton bought an estate in Baydon which he settled on three of his grand-nephews and nieces days before he died in 1727.

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