Frequently asked questions

Will saving the Baydon Lion affect my rates?
No! The team has set up a limited company which will run the pub as a social enterprise funded by trading. There will be no impact on rates.

How does a Social Enterprise work?
A Social Enterprise is a company which generates its income by trading. It puts most of its profits back into its mission which for the Baydon Lion is:
To reinstate the Red Lion pub as a homely, welcoming and
traditional pub which is run by the community, for the benefit of the community, but to the delight of all.

If I invest am I likely to be liable for debts?
If you decide to invest in the limited company then your liability is limited to your investment. However, if it all goes terribly wrong and we have to put the company into liquidation it’s likely that the disposal of assets would substantially mitigate that loss.

Are you going to pave the green for car parking?
No! Although the car parking has been reduced by the erection of the house, we believe there is still enough car parking. AND in any case the green is common land and is protected from any kind of development.

I maybe interested in investing, how can I find out more?
The team is producing a business plan. This will be available as a prospectus for potential investors. Please register your interest and we’ll make sure you kept informed.

If I invest, when do you want the money?
If you decide to invest having read the prospectus, then you will be able to deposit funds immediately. These funds are kept safe in a ESCROW account, which means they can’t be released until everything is in place. In the event the purchase doesn’t happen all of your monies will be returned.

Are there tax breaks available to investors?
Yes there are and they will be detailed in the prospectus. They will depend on your circumstances and can be up to 50%.

I understand that early investors get a bigger tax break?
Yes that’s true. We think it fairer that those who invest in the early stages get the greatest rewards.

Can I offer practical help only?
Yes you can. We’re going to want lots of practical help from DIY and gardening to help with running the business. We’re working on a rewards system for this. Please register and we’ll keep you in the loop.

I’ve got a question you haven’t answered!
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